Below are links to my intake paperwork if you wish to download, print, and fill out the forms to bring to the first session.  Otherwise, I ask people to arrive 15 minutes early for the first session in order to complete the paperwork.   My habit is to leave the paperwork on a clipboard for you on a small table in my waiting room, since I will be in session when you arrive.   The form The Process of Psychotherapy is a good introduction to the overall therapeutic situation and process (what to anticipate from a psychotherapeutic endeavor).

The final form, Insurance Authorization Instructions, gives you help in getting the necessary insurance authorization for the initial session.   You need to have the authorization prior to the first session, since most insurance companies do not pay for a session unless it has been pre-authorized.  I am glad to request this authorization but, if you choose to make the call yourself, this form tells you the specific steps in obtaining an authorization.

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